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It's not always easy to know what your options for schools are when you are moving to a new area. This simple map will help simplify your search with actual school locations on the map.


1320 West Main
Suite 202
Franklin, TN 37064

Elementary SchoolsWebsiteAddressPhone 
Allendale Elementary Prescott Way, Spring Hill, TN 37174615-472-5130
Bethesda Elementary Bethesda Rd, Thompson Station, TN 37179615-472-4200
Chapman's Retreat Elementary Secluded Lane, Spring Hill, TN 37174615-472-4300
Clovercroft Elementary Clovercroft Road, Franklin, TN 37067615-472-5170
College Grove Elementary Arno-College Grove Rd, College Grove, TN 37046615-472-4320
Crockett Elementary Crockett RD, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4340
Edmondson Elementary Edmondson Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4360
Fairview Elementary Fairview Blvd., Fairview, TN 37062615-472-4380
Grassland Elementary Manley Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4480
Heritage Elementary Columbia Pike, Thompson Station, TN 37179615-472-4520
Hillsboro Elementary Pinewood Road, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4560
Hunters Bend Elementary Fieldstone Parkway, Franklin, TN 37069615-472-4580
Kenrose Elementary Raintree Parkway, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4630
Lipscomb Elementary Concord Road, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027615-472-4650
Longview Elementary Commonwealth Drive, Spring Hill, Tennessee 37174615-472-5060
Nolensville Elementary Rocky Fork Road, Nolensville, TN 37135615-472-4690
Oak View Elementary Henpeck Lane, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4710
Pearre Creek Elementary Townsend Boulevard, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-5150
Scales Elementary Murray Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4830
Sunset Elementary Sunset Trail, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-5020
Trinity Elementary Murfreesboro Road, Franklin, TN 37067615-472-4850
Walnut Grove Elementary Stable Road, Franklin, TN 37069615-472-4870
Westwood Elementary Tiger Trail, Fairview, TN 37062615-472-4890
Winstead Elementary Columbia Pike, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4910


1320 West Main
Suite 202
Franklin, TN 37064

 Middle SchoolsWebsiteAddressPhone 
Brentwood Middle School Murray Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4250
Fairview Middle School Cumberland Drive, Fairview, TN 37062615-472-4430
Grassland Middle School Hillsboro Road, Franklin, TN 37069615-472-4500
Heritage Middle School Columbia Pike, Thompson Station, TN 37179615-472-4540
Hillsboro Middle School Pinewood Road, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4560
Page Middle School Arno Road, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4760
Spring Station Middle School Spring Station Road, Spring Hill, TN 37174615-472-5080
Sunset Middle School Sunset Trail, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-5040
Woodland Middle School Volunteer Parkway, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4930


1320 West Main
Suite 202
Franklin, TN 37064

New Graduation Requirements for the class of 2013 and beyond

High SchoolsWebsiteAddressPhone 
Brentwood Murray Lane, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4220
Centennial Mallory Lane, Franklin, TN 37067615-472-4270
Fairview Fairview Boulevard, Fairview, TN 37062615-472-4400
Franklin Hillsboro Road, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4450
Independence Declaration Way, Thompson's Station, TN 37179615-472-4600
Middle College Everbright Avenue, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4670
Page Arno Road, Franklin, TN 37064615-472-4730
Ravenwood Wilson Pike, Brentwood, TN 37027615-472-4800
Summit Twin Lakes Drive, Spring Hill, TN 37174

Davidson County - Nashville Schools

 2601 Bransford Avenue
 Nashville, TN 37204 
 615-259-INFO (4636)


School NameAddressPhone NumberPrincipal
A. Z. Kelley Elementary5834 Pettus Road 
Antioch,TN 37013
941-7535Mrs. Marsha Dunn
Alex Green Elementary3921 Lloyd Road 
Whites Creek ,TN 37189
876-5105Dexter Adams
Andrew Jackson Elementary110 Shute Lane 
Old Hickory,TN 37138
847-7317Edward Xavier Barrios
Amqui Elementary319 Anderson Lane
Madison,TN 37115
612-3678James Morris
Bellshire Elementary1128 Bell Grimes Lane Nashville,TN 37207860-1452Dr. Shantrelle Pirtle
Bordeaux Early Learning Center1910 South Hamilton Road  Nashville,TN 37218291-6355Dana Eckman
Buena Vista Elementary1531 - 9th Avenue North Nashville,TN 37208291-6762Ms. Michelle McVicker
Caldwell Elementary244 Foster Street 
Nashville,TN 37207
291-6361Dr. Ronald A. Wooding II
Cane Ridge Elementary3884 Asheford Trace
Antioch,TN 37013
641-7824Mrs. Donna Wilburn
Carter-Lawrence Elementary1118 - 12th Avenue S 
Nashville,TN 37203
291-7333Dr. Karen Hamilton
Chadwell Elementary321 Port Drive 
Madison,TN 37115
860-1459Mrs. Elnora Mitchell-Furdge
Charlotte Park Elementary480 Annex Avenue
Nashville,TN 37209
353-2006Dr. Constance L. Hayes
Cockrill Elementary4701 Indiana Avenue 
Nashville,TN 37209
298-8075Mrs. Susan Cochrane
Cole Elementary5060 Colemont Drive 
Antioch,TN 37013
333-5043Dr. Darwin Mason, Sir.
Crieve Hall Elementary498 Hogan Road  
Nashville,TN 37220
333-5059Mrs. Linda Mickle
Cumberland Elementary4247 Cato Road  
Nashville,TN 37218
291-6370Mrs. DeeAnne Miree
Dan Mills Elementary4106 Kennedy Avenue  Nashville,TN 37216262-6677Mrs. Patti Yon
Dodson Elementary4401 Chandler Road 
Hermitage,TN 37076
885-8806Mrs. Tiffany Curtis
Drexel Preparatory4479 Jackson Road 
Whites Creek,TN 37189
724-1670Dr. May Alice Ridley
DuPont Elementary1311 - 9th Street 
Old Hickory ,TN 37138
847-7305Mrs. Stephanie Hoskins
Eakin Elementary2500 Fairfax Avenue 
Nashville,TN 37212
298-8076Dr. Ann-Marie Gleason
East End Preparatory1460 McGavock Pike 
Nashville,TN 37216
249-8834Jim Leckrone
Fall-Hamilton Elementary510 Wedgewood Avenue  Nashville,TN 37203291-6380Anthony Febles
Gateway Elementary1524 Monticello Avenue Madison,TN 37115860-1465John Garland
Glencliff Elementary120 Antioch Pike 
Nashville,TN 37211
333-5105Ms. Jeanette Smith
Glendale Elementary800 Thompson Avenue Nashville,TN 37204279-7970Mrs. Mary Sue Clark
Glengarry Elementary200 Finley Drive  
Nashville,TN 37217
360-2900Ms. Laurie Smith
Glenn Elementary322 Cleveland Street  
Nashville,TN 37207
262-6682Dr. Laura Snyder
Glenview Elementary1020 Patricia Drive 
Nashville,TN 37217
360-2906Ms. Marsha McGill
Goodlettsville Elementary514 Donald Street 
Goodlettsville ,TN 37072
859-8950Mrs. Tracy Gibson
Gower Elementary650 Old Hickory Blvd. 
Nashville,TN 37209
353-2012Ms. Barbara Frazier
Granbery Elementary5501 Hill Road 
Brentwood ,TN 37027
333-5112Chad High
Harpeth Valley Elementary7840 Learning Lane 
Nashville,TN 37221
662-3015Mrs. Kimber Halliburton
Hattie Cotton Elementary1033 West Greenwood Avenue Nashville,TN 37206262-6981Jay Adams
Haywood Elementary3790 Turley Drive  
Nashville,TN 37211
333-5118Mrs. Melanie Schiff
Henry C. Maxwell Elementary5535 Blue Hole Road 
Antioch,TN 37013
333-7180Dr. Darwin Mason, Jr.
Hermitage Elementary3800 Plantation Drive  
Hermitage ,TN 37076
885-8838Ms. Kellee Akers
Hickman Elementary112 Stewarts Ferry Pike Nashville,TN 37214884-4020Dr. Robin Cayce
Hull-Jackson Elementary

1015 Kellow Street 
Nashville,TN 37208

291-6601Mrs. Martha Phillips
Inglewood Elementary1700 Riverside Drive 
Nashville,TN 37216
262-6697Ms. Carrie Mickle
J. E. Moss Elementary4701 Bowfield Drive
Antioch,TN 37013
333-5200Dr. Carlos Comer
Joelton Elementary7141 Whites Creek Pike 
Joelton ,TN 37080
876-5110Dr. Rebecca Welch
Jones Elementary

1800 - 9th Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37208

291-6382Dr. Debra Smith
Julia Green Elementary3500 Hobbs Road  
Nashville,TN 37215
298-8082Dr. Andy Davis
Kirkpatrick Elementary1000 Sevier Street 
Nashville,TN 37206
262-6708Dr. Mildred Nelson
Lakeview Elementary455 Rural Hill Road  
Nashville,TN 37217
360-2912Mrs. Robin Shumate
Lockeland Elementary105 South 17th Street Nashville,TN 37206258-1330Mrs. Christie C. Lewis
McGavock Elementary275 McGavock Pike  
Nashville,TN 37214
885-8912Lance Forman
Mount View Elementary3820 Murfreesboro Road Antioch,TN 37013641-9393Mrs. Julia Lamb
Napier Elementary60 Fairfield Avenue  
Nashville,TN 37210
291-6400Dr. Ronald Powe
Nashville Classical217 South 10th Street Nashville,TN 37206538-5841Charlie Friedman
Neely's Bend Elementary1300 Neely's Bend Road  Madison,TN 37115860-1471Ms. Donna Poag
Norman Binkley Elementary4700 West Longdale Drive  Nashville,TN 37211333-5037James Urquhart
Old Center Elementary1245 Dickerson Pike South Goodlettsville,TN 37072859-8968Dr. Betsy Potts
Paragon Mills Elementary260 Paragon Mills Road  Nashville,TN 37211333-5170Mrs. Jane P. Johnson
Park Avenue Elementary3703 Park Avenue  
Nashville,TN 37209
298-8412Ms. Deltina Braden
Pennington Elementary2817 Donna Hill Drive  Nashville,TN 37214885-8918Carolyn Wood
Percy Priest Elementary1700 Otter Creek Road  Nashville,TN 37215298-8416Mrs. Melinda Williams
Purpose Preparatory220 Venture Circle 
Nashville,TN 37228
724-0705Ms. Lagra Newman
Robert Churchwell Elementary1625 Dr. D. B. Todd Jr. Blvd.
Nashville,TN 37208
687-4024Ms. Trellaney Lane
Robert E. Lillard Elementary3200 King's Lane  
Nashville,TN 37218
876-5126Mrs. Debra Thompson
Rosebank Elementary1012 Preston Drive  
Nashville,TN 37206
262-6720Mrs. LaTonya White
Ross Early Learning Center601 McFerrin Avenue  Nashville,TN 37206262-6721Laura Bilbrey 
Ruby Major Elementary5141 John Hager Road Hermitage,TN 37076232-2203Michael Westveer
Shayne Elementary6217 Nolensville Road Nashville,TN 37211332-3020Ms. Pam Greer
Shwab Elementary1500 Dickerson Road  Nashville,TN 37207262-6725Dr. Natalyn Gibbs
Smithson-Craighead Academy3307 Brick Church Pike Nashville,TN 37207228-9886Mrs. Janelle Glover
Stanford Elementary2417 Maplecrest Drive Nashville,TN 37214885-8822Ms. Teresa Dillehay
Stratton Elementary310 Old Hickory Blvd. West Madison,TN 37115860-1486Renita Perkins
Sylvan Park Elementary4801 Utah Avenue 
Nashville,TN 37209
298-8423Ms. Susan Blankenship
Thomas A. Edison Elementary6130 Mt. View Road 
Antioch,TN 37013
501-8800Dr. Kesha L. Walrond
Tom Joy Elementary2201 Jones Avenue  
Nashville,TN 37207
262-6724Ms. Sandra Moorman
Tulip Grove Elementary441 Tyler Drive
Hermitage,TN 37076
885-8944Mrs. Denise Colon
Tusculum Elementary4917 Nolensville Road  Nashville,TN 37211333-5179Dr. Alison McMahan
Una Elementary2018 Murfreesboro Road  Nashville,TN 37217360-2921Ms. Amelia Brown
Warner Elementary626 Russell Street 
Nashville,TN 37206
291-6395Mrs. Lori Flemming
Westmeade Elementary6641 Clearbrook Drive  Nashville,TN 37205353-2066Stephen Breese
Whitsitt Elementary110 Whitsitt Road  
Nashville,TN 37210
333-5600Justin Uppinghouse


School NameAddressPhone NumberPrincipal
Antioch Middle5050 Blue Hole Road  
Antioch,TN 37013
312-6197Dr. Canidra Henderson
Apollo Middle631 Richards Road
Antioch,TN 37013
333-5025Jon Hubble
Bailey Middle2000 Greenwood Avenue
Nashville,TN 37206
262-6670Dr. Christian Sawyer
Bellevue Middle655 Colice-Jeanne Road 
Nashville,TN 37221
662-3000Jim Mann 
Boy's Preparatory730 Neely's Bend Road 
Madison, TN 37115
810-8378Sean Braddock
Brick Church College Preparatory2835 Brick Church Pike
Nashville,TN 37207
352-1253Edon Katz
Brick Church Middle2835 Brick Church Pike 
Nashville,TN 37207
262-6665Charlie McReynolds
Cameron College Preparatory1034 1st Avenue, South 
Nashville,TN 37210
806-6320Tait Danhausen
Cameron Middle1035  1st Avenue South 
Nashville,TN 37210
291-6365Chris Hames
Croft Middle482 Elysian Fields Rd 
Nashville,TN 37211
332-0217Ms. Juana Grandberry
Donelson Middle110 Stewarts Ferry Pike 
Nashville,TN 37214
884-4080Ms. Jennifer Rheinecker
DuPont Hadley Middle1901 Old Hickory Blvd.  
Old Hickory ,TN 37138
847-7300Dr. Kevin Armstrong
DuPont Tyler Middle431 Tyler Drive
Hermitage ,TN 37076
885-8827Dr. Damon Cathey
East Nashville School110 Gallatin Road
Nashville,TN 37206
262-6947Steve Ball
Goodlettsville Middle1460 McGavock Pike  
Nashville,TN 37216
227-1042Dr. Jill Pittman
Gra-Mar Middle575 Joyce Lane  
Nashville,TN 37216
262-6685Dr. Antoinette L. Williams
H.G. Hill Middle150 Davidson Road 
Nashville,TN 37205
353-2020Mrs. Connie Gwinn
Haynes Middle510 West Trinity Lane 
Nashville,TN 37207
262-6688Dr. Tonya Dennis
Head Middle1830 Jo Johnston Avenue 
Nashville,TN 37203
329-8160Dr. Tonja Williams
Intrepid Preparatory5234 Bell Forge Lane East 
Antioch,TN 37013
810-8443Ms. Mia Howard
Isaiah T. Creswell Middle3500 John Mallette Drive 
Nashville,TN 37218
291-6515Dr. Ted Murcray
Jere Baxter Middle350 Hart Lane
Nashville,TN 37207
262-6710Dr. Corey Walker
Joelton Middle3500 Old Clarksville Pike 
Joelton,TN 37080
876-5100William Moody
John Early Middle1000 Cass Street 
Nashville,TN 37208
291-6369Mrs. Rise' Pope
John F. Kennedy Middle2087 Hobson Pike
Antioch,TN 37013
501-7900Dr. Sam Braden, III
John Trotwood Moore 4425 Granny White Pike 
Nashville,TN 37204
298-8095Dr. Gary Hughes
KIPP Academy Nashville3410 Knight Road
Nashville,TN 37207
226-4484Mrs. Laura Howarth
KIPP College Preparatory3410 Knight Road 
Nashville,TN 37207
226-4484Ms. Nikki Miller
Knowledge Academy5380 Hickory Hollow Pkwy. 
Antioch,TN 37013
810-8370Art Fuller
LEAD Academy 
1015 Davidson Drive 
Nashville,TN 37205
352-1253Dr. Schunn Turner
LEAD Preparatory Southeast1034 - 1st Avenue South 
Nashville,TN 37210
806-6320Chris Elliott
Liberty Collegiate Academy3515 Gallatin Road
Nashville,TN 37216
564-1965Ms. Kaitlin Troy
Isaac Litton Middle4601 Hedgewood Drive 
Nashville,TN 37216
262-6700Tracy Bruno
Madison Middle300 Old Hickory Blvd. W. 
Madison,TN 37115
687-4018Ms. Michelle Brock-Demps
Margaret Allen Middle500 Spence Lane
Nashville,TN 37210
291-6385Kisha Cox
Martin Luther King Jr. School613 - 17th Avenue, North 
Nashville,TN 37203
329-8400Dr. Angela Carr
McMurray Middle520 McMurray Drive  
Nashville,TN 37211
333-5126T-Shaka Coverson
Meigs Middle713 Ramsey Street 
Nashville,TN 37206
271-3222Dr. Scott Underwood
Moses McKissack Middle915 - 38th Avenue, North
Nashville, TN 37209
329-8170Darren Kennedy
Nashville Preparatory1300 - 56th Avenue N 
Nashville,TN 37209
921-8440Anthony Fowler
Neely's Bend Middle1251 Neely's Bend Rd. 
Madison,TN 37115
860-1477Dr. Barbara Maultsby-Springer
New Vision Academy297 Plus Park Blvd. 
Nashville,TN 37217
360-1115Tim Malone
Rose Park Middle1200 - 2nd Avenue, South
 Nashville,TN 37210
291-6405Robert Blankenship
STEM Preparatory Academy1162 Foster Avenue
Nashville,TN 37210
 921-2200Dr. Kristin McGraner
Thurgood Marshall Middle5832 Pettus Road 
Antioch,TN 37013
941-7515Roderick Webb
Two Rivers Middle2991 McGavock Pike 
Nashville,TN 37214
885-8931Dr. Shelly Dunaway
West End Middle3529 West End Avenue
Nashville,TN 37205
298-8425Dr. Craig Hammond
William Henry Oliver Middle6211 Nolensville Road
Nashville, TN 37211 
 332-3011Ms. Jeanna Collins
Wright Middle180 McCall Street 
Nashville,TN 37211
333-5189Dr. Erin Anderson


School NameAddressPhone 
Antioch High1900 Hobson Pike  Antioch,TN 37013641-5400Dr. Adrienne Battle-Koger
Cane Ridge High12848 Old Hickory Blvd.  Antioch,TN 37013687-4000Mrs. Michel Sanchez-Wall
East Nashville Magnet110 Gallatin Road  Nashville,TN 37206262-6947Stephen Ball
Glencliff High160 Antioch Pike Nashville,TN 37211333-5070Clint Wilson
Hillsboro High3812 Hillsboro Road  Nashville,TN 37215298-8400Dr. Terry Shrader
Hillwood High400 Davidson Road  Nashville,TN 37205353-2025Dr. Steve Chauncy
Hume-Fogg High700 Broadway  Nashville,TN 37203291-6300Dr. Kellie Hargis
Hunters Lane High1150 Hunters Lane  Nashville,TN 37207860-1401Dr. Susan Kessler
LEAD Academy High1704 Heiman St. Nashville, TN 37208327-5422Ms. LaVoe Mulgrew
Maplewood High401 Walton Lane Nashville, TN 37216262-6770Dr. Ron Woodard
Martin Luther Jr. King School613 17th Ave. N Nashville, TN 37203
329-8400Dr. Angela Carr
McGavock High3150 McGavock Pike  Nashville,TN 37214885-8850Robbin Wall
MNPS Middle College High120 White Bridge Road Nashville,TN 37209353-3742Roderick Manual
MNPS Virtual School4805 Park Avenue  Nashville,TN 37209463-0188Dr. James V. Witty
Nashville Big Picture High160 Rural Avenue Nashville,TN 37209353-2081Mrs. Chae Denning-Snorten
Nashville School of the Arts1250 Foster Avenue Nashville,TN 37210291-6600Dr. Gregory Stewart
Overton High4820 Franklin Road  Nashville,TN 37220333-5135Dr. Andrew Shuler Pelham
Pearl-Cohn High904 - 26th Avenue N Nashville,TN 37208329-8150Mrs. Sonia Stewart
Stratford High1800 Stratford Avenue  Nashville,TN 37216242-6730Michael Steele
The Academy at Hickory Hollow5248 Hickory Hollow Parkway  Antioch,TN 37013687-4028Billy Fellman
The Academy at Old Cockrill610 - 49th Avenue N Nashville,TN 37209298-2294Bill Warren
The Academy at Opry Mills437 Opry Mills Drive Nashville,TN 37214810-8306Carmon Brown
The Cohn School4805 Park Ave. Nashville, TN 37209298-6617Debbie Booker
Whites Creek High7277 Old Hickory Blvd. Whites Creek ,TN 37189876-5132Dr. James Bailey

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